Choosing Pal Bodnar Magic Productions your guests will never forget, our professionalism and outstanding style of entertainment with more than 16 years of experience, and above all with a 100% money back guarantee. Whether you’re looking to impress a roomful of VIPs, propose your partner or simply throw an unforgettable party, our experience and dedication is insurance for you to conjure up an ambiance of wonder to help you to create an event to remember and leave your guests wanting more. We are based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and 'YES!' we do international shows as well.

We are offering close-up magic shows at your next engagement, awe-inspiring table-side performances for small groups, planning and organizing magic proposals, product launches for companies and intimate stand-up magic shows for weddings or private parties where everyone is given a chance to choose cards, have their minds read, create bonds, laugh together and be part of a totally unique form of entertainment. You are not getting somebody who is doing magic tricks, we are delivering magical moments and professional entertainment. Be part of the magic!